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Price: Special offer: 100€ per family

Minimum number of participians: Happy Wednesday: 25€/ children, teenager


Let’s help prehistory come to life! Especially for that purpose we have constructed an archaeological pit for kids and adults to learn the purpose of archaeology—and to have a good time! The pit is based on real-life archaeological excavations from the minoan time period.
When a group of people comes to dig with us, we take the time to help them understand what an archaeologist does and how he or she works. We teach archaeological techniques and explain why excavating is done in a specific way. As they dig, we supervise their progress, helping them to understand each step’s purpose. Using a combination of minoan artifacts and fossils buried in the sand, we help our new archaeologists reconstruct history!

The excavation simulation training programme has an experiential character and gives participants the opportunity to learn about the scientific process of excavation, documentation and management of archaeological finds and to understand how archaeologists gradually reconstruct the past based on the finds and their contexts.
The basic principle underlying the activity is learning by doing, learning through the senses based on tactile activities, promoting creativity and self-activity combined with intellectual processing of content. These are possibilities of holistic processing with the mind, senses and emotions, as the extended learning processes applied in excavation simulation include, among other things, the concept of fun and enjoyment.
The excavation simulation programme has a certain flexibility in terms of structure and content, so that it can be adapted to the capabilities and specific characteristics of each target age group.

The excavation simulation program is structured in 3 stages:

1)Presentation of slides and discussion about the archaeological profession. What do archaeologist do, how do they do it and why? We also watch video presentations about Minoan civilization and discuss about Minoan culture.

2)We go to the excavation site, where participants learn how to dig, sift the soil and clean the finds.

3)When the excavation is complete, we return to the workshop area, where the participants make a small clay pot, which they take away as a souvenir. We also provide to the children a small archaeologist’s certificate.

SPECIAL OFFER: 100€ per family group (parents & children) The sessions are private and available on request.

or join us on

Happy Wednesday!
Price: 25€/ children, teenager
Parents can join the program if they wish for free!
TIME: 18:00-20:00

*Happy Wednesday excavation program is available from 1st June to 10 September

*All prices include VAT 24%. Prices are flexible when it comes to bigger groups.

Our main concern is the high quality of experiences we offer. That’s why we guarantee that you will have an experience of a lifetime!

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